About Dinner’N’Dancing

Dinner’N’Dancing is where I share my love of food, staying fit and living a balanced life. Here you’ll find my recipes, restaurants reviews, playlists, fitness¬†tips and more that help me, and hopefully you, live a healthy lifestyle.


About The Blogger

I’m Katie, a dancer, runner and healthy food lover living in New Hampshire. By day I work in marketing and by night I am following my passion as a dance instructor. In between I’m fueling my body with healthy and delicious eats, with an occasional ice cream cone every now and then.

Keeping The Balance

Like a dancer in a pirouette, life is a balancing act. I believe in balancing healthy with indulgence, and relaxation with hard work.  Because sometimes you need a salad and a workout, but other times you just need a brownie and a nap.


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