West Coast is the Best Coast for Ice Cream

Recently I had the pleasure of basking in the warm Cali sun for a full 10 days. Of course one of my main goals of the trip was to relax, but another important goal was to eat AS MUCH ICE CREAM AS I COULD. I’m serious…ice cream is basically my favorite food, so on vacation I make sure to never go a day without it. It just wouldn’t be right!


While I was on the West coast I slowly came to realize that their ice cream game is totally on-point. Each shop has its own personality and theme. From lightbulb shaped cups to cereal coated cones and super weird flavors that I would never try (Goat Cheese & Cherry anyone?), every ice cream joint was a new experience. In New England ice cream shops are mostly frequented by families and tourists in cut-offs and flip-flops, but in LA walking into an ice cream shop was like walking into a nightclub. Everyone was dressed to the 9’s and ready to party…with cone in hand. I was all like “I really should have changed out of my PJs for this”, but I still enjoyed every moment of it. Despite the strange atmosphere, the actual ice cream was crazy delicious.

So here’s a roundup of my favorites from creamy to dreamiest:

  1. The Milk Shop – Silverlake

Ice cream pictured is Fruity Pebbles flavored ice cream, topped with Fruity Pebbles of course. Delightfully sweet and fruitier than I was expecting, but yummy!


2. Square Bar Cafe – San Diego

Ice cream pictured is Cereal and Milk on a fruit loops cone. Apparently combining cereal with ice cream is pretty big in California. It makes total sense and is totally delectable. Warning: fruit loops cone may rip mouth apart…but #worthit.


3. The Baked Bear – Pacific Beach

This is such a cool place! It’s essentially make-your-own ice cream sandwich and you chose the cookie (or brownie), ice cream and toppings. Ice cream pictured is Bear Batter (blue vanilla with brownies and cookies stuffed into it), between oatmeal and macadamia nut cookies. It was insane. I needed my stretchy pants after this one.


4. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream – Las Angeles

By far my favorite – Jeni’s was sleek and trendy inside and had the most interesting flavors, like Cream Puff and Churro. Ice cream pictured below is Gooey Butter Cake and Peanuts & Popcorn.


Of course with any sort of indulgence like this, there are consequences. My consequences was getting my (growing) bum to go for a run around Silverlake reservoir. But it really wasn’t anything to complain about since the view was beyond gorgeous and the weather was perfection. Then I was ready for the next cone…


Where is your favorite place to get ice cream?